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It's About Real Estate Investment Trusts, Cashflow from Dividends and Market Investing.

Make Money From Dividend Paying Stocks in the Real Estate Industry

There are hundreds of companies listed on the stock exchanges in , as well as offshore, that pay regular dividends. While the current market conditions aren't great for directly participating in Real Estate, the conditions are perfect for using the Dividend Capture Strategy to get in and out of a trade making 5-7% each time, if you follow the strategy you'll see during the webinar.

Learn How To Short Real Estate Industry Stocks To Make Money From Them As They Go Further Down In Value

Most people think that the only way to make money from the stock market is to buy low, sell high and make the profit in between. That's when you're banking on the value of the company going up. That's only one side of the story. Using instruments such as CFDs you can bet on the value of the company going down and make money all the way to the bottom, as most Real Estate industry stocks begin to take a hit from this crirsis. In fact, not only Real Estate. You can use the strategy we will share during the webinar, for shorting any kind of stock, in any market, anywhere, without leaving the comfort of your lounge.

The Current Crisis Presents Multiple Opportunities If You have The Eyes To See

Albert Einstein once said that in every crisis, there is an opportunity. If you look at the scale of the current crisis that has gripped the entire world, you will quickly realise that while the overall economic outlook is rather grim, the opportunities to make money from the current crisis, well, they're just enormous. In this webinar, you will see how you can use a clever dividend capture strategy, to build a solid income stream and make better returns than you would, by either owning a rental property or worse, putting the money you have, into a savings account with the bank.


You must either know someone or heard of someone that won big during the GFC. SMART Investors recognize that when its a crisis, while it brings a lot of uncertainty for the masses, it also brings unique opportunities. Those that have the eyes to see and ears to hear and understand how to respond to the market conditions, will make substantial progress at this time. The question is... will that be you or someone you'll read about 10 years down the line ???

Property Magnets

The current economic crisis has created enormous downward pressure on the housing market, yet prices continue to soar. While this pressure if yet to show itself in the property prices you must be seeing out there, the fundamentals of the property market are heading in all the wrong directions. Buying a property now, is the same as locking your capital into an illiquid asset. Be smart. Think outside the square and learn how to make money using the current crisis. During the webinar, you will see us explaining the strategy using live examples and real life deal scenarios. Please enter your details accurately because you will get the link for the webinar broadcast sent to your email.


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Creating Wealth Through Property

We are the pioneers of bringing world-class property education events into an online environment long before it became fashionable to host webinars online.

We are quite different from the mainstream in how we approach property investing. Our strategies are unique and highly optimised for the current market environment.

If you're someone that's acutely aware of the need to create a strong asset base backed by real property, then we encourage you to join our webinar with an open mind. We don't follow conventional wisdom. You will see for yourself.

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